A New Day

Heather and I will occasionally jaunt off to the beach, even when it’s cold. Not to go swimming, or get a tan – but just because it’s good to get away from your regular surroundings, and think about other things. Work has my mind spinning, as it does this time of year.

It’s mornings like this that really reset my brains. As ThinkGeek makes its inexorable lurch towards Christmas, my thoughts get overloaded with worry, contingencies, and general cruft that makes everything I do harder. My coworkers suffer having to deal with me being extra grumpy, and my waistline suffers from me trying to drown my fears and frustrations in Snickers bars and cheeseburgers.

And then, the sun comes up like this. The sky was clear, and the air was cold. The only sound I could hear was the crashing of surf. I was forced to take a mental inventory of what was troubling me, and found that the list was empty, and for that, I was grateful for the sun.

  • October 26, 2013