About Me

I’m a fourty-something geek, serial upgrader, smartphone bigamist, operating system agnostic, and jack-of-all-trades. I’m interested in everything and nothing. This blog is likely to be as disjointed, and random, as my interests.

One day, I carry an Android phablet, another day, I’m playing with a Windows Phone. I like Windows 8. I also like Mac, and I really want to love Linux. I type ‘ls’ in cmd.exe, and ‘dir’ in Terminal.

…I have more lifeplans than Lee Adama:

Right now, I’m a Senior Buyer at ThinkGeek, trying to find cool stuff to sell that nobody else has seen yet. 10 years ago, I was writing incredibly robust eCommerce code that was processing over $50 Million a day worth of orders. I very nearly gave it all up to become a craft beer brewer. If given half a chance, I’d seriously consider raising Nubian goats and make artisan chèvre.

So belly up to the bar. Order up a pint of ADHD. We’ve got plenty, here.